Several courses available online

  Name Short description of its contents  
DOTA DOTA DOTA stands for Discipleship training On The Air, a training course that is available in several languages.
Amongst these are:
  • Afrikaans (completed),
  • Arabic (completed),
  • Brazilian Portuguese (partially),
  • Chinese (partially),
  • Dutch (completed),
  • English (completed),
  • Farsi (completed),
  • French (completed),
  • Hindi (partially),
  • Kurdish (partially),
  • Nepali (partialli)
  • Russian (partially) and
  • Urdu (patially).
Chinese Chinese discipleship training A Chinese discipleship training course that accompanies a series of radio programmes that is broadcasted each workday.
Revelation Last Bible book Extensive studies in the book of Revelation. Available in English and Dutch.
  More courses are being developed...

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